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The Razor Delta Leg Drive Kit takes electric landing leg technology to the next level.

The safest, most trouble-free way to separate and connect the semi-trailer from your prime mover.

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The Delta drive is an electronic, motor-driven attachment that is able to raise or lower landing legs on any compatible trailer at the touch of a button.

Our Delta drive allows the driver to complete other important tasks while it lowers or raises the landing legs in the safest and most efficient way – significantly reducing the risk of injury, improving productivity and lowering costs, both financially and in terms of compliance. The device has undergone extensive testing and in-field trials to ensure its suitability for the rigorous operating conditions in Australia with a lifting capacity of 25 tonnes in conjunction with standard landing legs. It has been purpose-designed to be not only robust, but lightweight and compact to provide quick and easy fitting, with a high quality, stylish finish to enhance a trailers professional appearance. The Razor drive is available for fitment to all major leg brands and is particularly suited to Jost, Holland, K-Hitch, Binkley and York legs. On the fascia of each Delta drive you will find a keypad to operate the unit. To maximize safety and ensure user-friendly operation, it is mounted on the opposite landing leg.

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Weight 38.2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 8 in
Torque Arm Kit

JOST A400 Torque Arm Kit, JOST A401 Reverse Torque Arm Kit, Holland Mark V Torque Arm Kit, Holland Classic Reverse Torque Arm Kit


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