Razor’s Delta Drive Automated Semi Trailer Landing Legs

Razor International is introducing its Delta Drive to the North American Market. 30,000 units currently in use in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, the Delta Drive is now available to North American Transport Operators. Easily retrofits to all major brand semi trailer landing legs in place of existing hand crank. Self contained battery powered unit recharges through the trailer’s electrical system. Optional Remote Control. Manual override in case of system failure. Significant driver safety, retention and recruitment benefits. Obvious productivity gain.

Coming Soon to North America
Available only in Australia



The Razor Delta is light in construction and comes with an inbuilt control on the motor. It is designed to streamline the process of loading and unloading through automation, saving fleet operator’s time between freight tasks.

Corey Povey, General Manager, JOST Australia

The Razor when compared to the installation of other models now lets you start the motor, equip the battery and, by plugging in two wires, you’re essentially ready to go.

Manny Camilleri, Owner, Camilleri Tarps